Brat Pack 11 is an organization that grants wishes to military kids of wounded and fallen soldiers. We know that the hole left by the loss of a parent who served in the military, or the loneliness felt by a child whose parent is deployed, can never truly be filled. But we hope to help these children focus on their dreams and provide them with a community of support while going through a difficult situation.

BP11 is dedicated to supporting the children of our wounded and fallen heroes by providing them with unforgettable experiences. Whether through a wish or providing them with financial resources they need to participate in different sports, music programs, theatre, and other activities, and connecting them with a network of continued support throughout their childhood. By doing this Brat Pack 11 hopes to help these children positively cope with parents who have PTSD, Secondary PTSD, deal with the grief associated with losing a family member, and/or having one come back injured. The difficulties they face guide us and their stories inspire us to give back. The objective is to give each child a positive focus and show that their sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.



We are currently raising money for a few amazing military families. One of them is SSGT Krueger, his wife Jill, and his two girls Kylie and Ella. SSGT Krueger was struck by an IED and was severely wounded. After more than a dozen surgeries, the loss of an eye, and the loss of movement in his left arm, SSGT Krueger was finally able to return home. This journey has certainly not been easy for him or his family.



SSGT Krueger and his wife Jill wrote to us asking if we could please help their family by granting them a wish. Brat Pack 11 wants to help both Kylie and Ella make some fun new memories with their dad. Memories that do not include hospitals, surgeries, and rehab. We want to help them create memories where they can be kids, and their dad can just be their dad. Please help Brat Pack 11 honor SSGT Krueger and his family! You can click here to learn more about this charities mission and our team. Click here to learn more about how Brat Pack 11 was founded and click here to learn about the wishes we have already granted. Donate here or down below to help grant a wish to the Krueger family.



Learn more about Brat Pack 11, the founder Kenzie Rien (FKA Kenzie Hall), and the effect this charity has on Military Brat's and their families. This video was created in 2015, and some clips were filmed years prior.

© 2015 Brat Pack 11, Inc., is a 501c3 compliant non-profit corporation. 

Tax deductible donations may be made directly to Brat Pack 11 through our site. For assistance in making a donation please contact:

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