Alexa and Jace Venetz


In 2014, we were honored to grant a wish to two amazing Military Brats by the names of Alexa (Age 10) and Jace (Age 6) Venetz. Their nomination was sent in with many others and it truly wasn’t easy to pick just one. Alexa and Jace’s wish involved visiting Hollywood and meeting the one and only, Debby Ryan, from their favorite show, "Jessie!" I reached out to Debby Ryans mom, Sandy, about Alexa and Jace and their dream to meet Debby. She was so supportive and wanted to help out in any way she could. Soon, Debby was informed about Alexa and Jace and she wanted to meet them right away! So we sent Alexa, Jace, and their mom on a plane from to Texas to Hollywood.

Once they arrived at their hotel, goodie bags with some of their favorite items awaited them!

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Day 1

On the first day, our friends at, "Happy Madison," invited Alexa and Jace to lunch on the Sony studios lot with Emma Fuhrmann from Adam Sandler's movie, "Blended." Emma was so sweet to hang out with us and show us around the Sony Lot! They got a private tour of all the sets, such as where "Jeopardy" was filmed and a private look into Adam Sandlers office! Let me tell you, he has some awesome golf carts. It was so amazing seeing Alexa and Jace's face as they toured the lot and walked into Mr. Sandlers office. Happy Madison even surprised them with gifts! They received tons of Sandler's movies with a bunch of other fun goodies! It was a day they would never forget, but this trip wasn't over yet.


Alexa and Jace had no idea they were going to meet their idol, Debby Ryan. We drove into the set where "Jessie" was being filmed. Sandy came out pretending to be our fake tour guide! She gave us a tour of the lot to kill some time until Debby could walk out and give the surprise of a lifetime! Sandy told us we were going to see where a movie was being filmed. So, we started walking around a corner towards a set and Debby POPPED out! I turned to Alexa and said, “Look its Debby. Debby Ryan!” Immediately her jaw dropped to the floor. “It’s Debby!” Alexa whispered. Seeing her face and how excited she was, made my day! Debby was so sweet. She took Alexa and Jace on a tour showing us where the cast eats lunch, where different things were being filmed, and even introduced us to the cast of Jessie! We got to view where the cast goes to school, their dressing rooms, and we even got a behind the scenes look at the set of Jessie. We also got to see where her amazing makeup artist works and they surprised Alexa and her mom with a makeover! Debby and her mom really went out of their way to make sure this was an experience they'll never forget!

Just when we were about to leave, we were invited to stay for the filming of the show! At the end there was an autograph signing and everyone got something signed from the cast. Then Debby stopped the autograph line and gave a bag full of gifts to Alexa and Jace. I was just as surprised as they were! It was stocked full of Jessie items ranging from, Jessie t-shirts, non-permanent tattoos, Disney notebooks, bags, etc. At the end of the day Jace told me, "This is the best day of my life!" and Alexa said, "I just can't believe this is actually happening!" I have never met someone as sweet and caring as Debby is. She is truly someone to look up to.


On our final day of the trip, we surprised the family with a few guests! We ended up​​​​​​​​​​ having breakfast with Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kenedy from, "The Walking Dead," one of the families favorite TV shows! They joined us at Universal Studios to check out all of the fun rides as well! I am so blessed to have been able to grant this wish for these two amazing kids and am so grateful that Happy Madison: Allen and Judit, Emma Fuhrmann, Debby and Sandy Ryan, Brighton Sharbino, and Kyla Kenedy made this wish experience happen for Alexa and Jace. I don’t even think they realized what an impact they made on these kids lives. Thank you to everyone who helped grant this wish and for those who support our cause.

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-Brat Pack 11 Founder-

Kenzie Rien

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