Karelis and Gabby

Brat Pack 11 sent Karelis (12 years old) and Gabby (9 years old), Military Brats of a wounded soldier, on a Disney "Star Wars" themed cruise for 7 days with their family! Their father, SGT Lopez, suffered multiple injuries from an IED while his platoon was patrolling the area. SGT Lopez suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), damage to his vocal chords, injuries in both shoulders, bilateral knees and back. His injuries haven't just affected his quality of life, but his families as well. While most kids should be focusing on school, friends and fun activities, the Lopez children spend their time in car rides to the hospital and therapy sessions or days inside while their mom is caring for their dad.

After hearing about the Lopez kids, Brat Pack 11 knew what they needed to do! Grant them a wish of course! Check it out below.

Want to help grant a wish to a Military Brat in need? Donate on our website today!

-Brat Pack 11 Founder-

Kenzie Rien

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